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What is wouter ?

Wouter is a Wi-Fi router that delivers unparalleled internet security via cutting-edge technology, parental controls and many other built-in features.

Security for the Internet of Things

With endless connectivity and synchronization amongst devices, you can secure all your IoT devices connected to the Wouter. Whether it’s your smartphone, laptop, smart lock, smart TV, nest cam or any other device connected to the Wouter, it is completely secured. It’s no secret that all your smart devices need protection against malicious entities and Wouter does this job perfectly.

Complete Protection from Anywhere

Protect your family even while you are away from home.

Protecting Kids Everywhere

View your kids’ internet history, time spent on each site by each device. Patent-pending technology.

Pause Internet

Pause your kids' internet access to all the devices connected to the Wi-Fi router.

Safe Search

Securely browse the web without worrying about someone snooping onto your internet activities.

Web Filtering

Use filtered presets, or enter your set of white/black list sites.

Schedule Internet

Create time schedules with blocked Internet access, such as dinner, or homework times.

Activity & Usage History

Get to know your kids’ online activities, the sites they visit and what they stream or download.

Guest Network

Make a guest network for any guests connecting to the network. Set password which your guests can use to join the guest network. Get to know their usage history and much more.


Block Malware and Viruses

Wouter comes packed with anti-virus technology to combat all types of malicious entities on the web.

Detect Suspicious Connections

Wouter scans for Wi-Fi signals and alerts you regarding the ones that are unsecure and vulnerable.

Country Block

Users have the freedom to block all internet traffic from and to any country, ensuring they stay protected from their cyberattacks.

Secure Browsing

Browse the web securely while safely tucked behind advanced encryption standards and robust protocols.

Privacy & Freedom

Comming Soon Features
Bypass Monitoring

Get an open internet connection and enjoy the online freedom you deserve by avoiding surveillance activities done by governments and ISPs.

Watch Your Content from Anywhere

Stream and download any and all restricted content from anywhere on the web right on your devices.

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Automatic Updates

Get automatic updates on your router, which comes packed with security protocols.

Lifetime Hardware Warranty

Wouter promises a long-lasting lifetime guarantee of the most cyber-secure and friendly VPN router.

Technical Support

Get in touch with our representatives who are eager to assist you round the clock.