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Get MVPN For Business

Protect all internal/external corporate communication from theft by designating dedicated IPs to login to company databases. Give employees the flexibility to securely carry out their work from anywhere in the world.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Business VPN

Empower your business with MVPN's security, privacy protection, and accessibility. Give your employees the flexibility to work remotely surrounded by a cover of security with our secure remote access VPN, dedicated IPs and NAT Firewall.

Bundle Discounts

MVPN’s business VPN account comes feature-packed at amazing discounts. This means that you get efficiency, privacy, security, accessibility, and much more at a very low cost.

Dedicated Portal

MVPN offers dedicated management portal with business VPN account. The portal is your command centre from where you control and manage your employees’ accounts.

Dedicated Speed/Bandwidth

Unlike other providers, we self-engineered and self-manage MVPN network so we can deliver the fastest, most secure and unrestricted VPN connections.

Dedicated Account Manager

Every MVPN business VPN user gets his/her own dedicated account manager who ensures fast-track delivery of services.

24/7 Priority Business Support

Every MVPN business account holder gets a fast-track response to their queries, questions, and issues with 24/7 priority business support.

Dedicated VPN Servers

We know your business is your priority and this is why we deployed dedicated business VPN servers to ensure seamless performance from our end.

One Account for the Entire Company

Regardless of the number of employees, MVPN offers equal benefits for SMEs and large organizations. Excessive Multi-logins with one master account.

Secure Remote Access

We offer secure remote access facility with our small business VPN accounts to help you save on setup, security, multi-login, & BYOD costs.

Stealth Browsing

With our business VPN, you are empowered to conduct online research in a secure manner, since your competitors cannot spy on your activities.

MVPN's Business VPN Features

From securing your online communications to safeguarding your data, from protecting your identity during online research to keeping your competitors at bay, from giving you the power to surf internet freely to giving you high-speed connectivity from across the globe; you name it and MVPN’s small business VPN plan does it for you.

Easy & Simple Apps

MVPN offers simple and easy-to-use apps for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS with built-in business mode that helps you to connect with a single tap.

750+ Servers in 141 Countries

Our VPN servers are located in 180+ locations across 141 Countries. With 750+ Servers and 88,000+ IPs. This means connection are always available.

Hi-tech Data Encryption

With up to 256-bit of military-grade encryption, no hacker, agency, or third-party can get their hands on your data and sensitive information.

Multiple Security Protocols

MVPN’s security is not just limited to encryption. We also support all the latest security protocols including SSTP, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, iKev2, SSTP, and OpenVPN.

DDoS Attack Protection

MVPN is the only VPN provider to offer dedicated DDoS protection. It protects your business against DDoS attacks of up-to 3Tbps.

NAT Firewall

For extra security on router level, MVPN offers NAT Firewall add-on that protects you against unauthorized bad packet data and threats.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

MVPN takes security very seriously. This is why we have implemented Two-factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure added protection of our corporate users.

Huge Pool of Dedicated IPs

Dedicated IP provides many benefits, one of which is allowing access to particular IPs only. We have a huge pool of dedicated IPs for you to choose from.

Benefits Your Business Can Get With MVPN

We own and self-manage our VPN network. This means that there are no third-parties involved when it comes to handling, protecting and transmitting your data and communications.

Online Data Protection

Business VPN protects your sensitive corporate data from falling into the wrong hands through secure VPN tunnels, encryption, and firewalls.

Secure Remote Connection

Working remotely has become a need and our VPN gives you the peace of mind that your remote employees have a secure connection to your work network.

Competitive Intelligence

VPN helps you to conduct your business research online without being logged, tracked or monitored by anyone.

Complete Online Freedom

MVPN lets you surf the internet freely so that you can enjoy complete online freedom.

Enjoy unmatched speeds

MVPN helps businesses to carry out their research with complete freedom anytime and anywhere.

Protection Across Every Device

Give a protection cover to any and every corporate device used by your employees with MVPN. We have apps for almost every major platform and OS.